Who runs the club?

The daily management of the club is carries out by the Committee, which is elected for a one-year period.

An annual general meeting is held once every year (usually in September or October).

Who does what?

  • The Annual General Meeting usually takes place in September/October and is the venue where all members can discuss matters relating to the club's current situation and the future outlook. The AGM elects the Committee and approves the club's Statutes.
  • The Committee is in charge of the day-to-day running of the club. It meets regularly to discuss any current matters that come up and ensures the club has all means and resources to operate. Key tasks of the Committee include overseeing the budget, maintaining the club's relations with the league organisations, organising the club's participation in league competitions, representing the club to third parties and organising social events. The Committee reports to the Annual General Meeting and is always at the disposal of members to answer their queries.
  • The Captains The job of team captains is to run each individual team playing in the league competition - ranging from the selection of a team to signing the score sheets and reporting the results to the league.
The Committee

Dirk Desmet

Secretary/Youth Liaison
Henry Pincott

Arne Hüttmann

Membership Secretary
Lynn Van Mulders

Match Secretary
Alex Leduc-Corbet

Social Secretary
Sarah Guerchaft

Lee Glasby