We have a good track record at tournaments and regularly send large delegations to tournaments throughout the year.

In addition to formal tournaments, we also sometimes have players participating in veterans' or recreational tournaments.

Once per year, we organise an internal club tournament for our members only.

Some formalities

  • The deadline for signing up is usually about four weeks before the tournament. However, popular tournaments often reach their maximum capacity well before that, so be quick to register!
  • To register, sign up online (if possible) or contact the Tournament Secretary.
  • If you don't have a doubles partner, you can still sign up for the doubles disciplines and hope for a scratch partner.
  • After the draw (usually two weeks before the tournament) it is no longer possible to change or withdraw your registration.
  • Always turn up at a tournament you have registered for. If you really cannot make it (due to illness or injury, for example), contact the Tournament Secretary and, above all, the tournament organisers.
  • Turn up 30 minutes before your first match is scheduled.
  • Bring your own shuttles.

Official tournaments

  • Open to everyone registered as competition player
  • Count towards your classification
  • For a pre-selection of tournaments, check the calendar on this page


  • For players aged 35+ or 38+
  • Open to everyone who's old enough
  • Do not count towards your classification

Recreational Players

  • Open to all club members without league classification
  • Depending on individual rules, most recreational tournaments are also open to Ds and/or C2a
  • Do not count towards your classification