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09 April 2023 - Easter Sunday


With members from almost 20 countries, we are probably the most international badminton club in the Flemish league. We have five teams in the mixed and level league competitions and regularly send large delegations to play in tournaments. On top of that, we have many keen casual players and an active and varied social life.

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Important: Multiple questions to answer

Dear members,

In this newsletter, we ask the adult players to participate in several questionnaires. Please read everything carefully!

Social event: game night on 22/03

Next week Wednesday, we are waiting you all in the bar for a game night! We will start in the evening around 21:15pm and share some snacks together!
2 things we ask from you to do by Saturday (18/03):

Interest in playing competition (season 2023-2024)

The competition season of this year is coming to an end. Time to think about the teams for next year. The committee wants to check the interest in playing competition. Do you already play competition and want to continue playing or would you like to start playing competition? This is the opportunity to let us know! By clicking on this link, you can find more information on playing competition and the question if you would like to play interclubs. Without filling in the form, we can't put you in an interclub team next year! So please don't forget to fill this in asap.

The link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfqs_gZCmmtyAHaH8rRZvOdioq1f3xh-mBlJnS1OaCAKm63Mw/viewform?usp=sf_link

Club shirts

If you have received your new club shirt already, you may now pay by bank transfer to the new bank account BE10001946984404.

The prices are as follows:

  • Polo shirt 33.95€, with name print 37.95€
  • T-shirt 30.20€, with name print 34.20€

Any questions about the club shirts, do get in touch with Arne or Henry.


Thanks in advance,

The committee

February News

Dear members,


The club is moving to a new bank account as of today, the old bank account that you used for payments up to now is no longer active. You can delete the account if it is in your ‘favourites’ in your banking app. Please do not carry out any payments to the old account. We'll be in touch shortly with the details of the new account. THERE WILL BE A TRANSITION PERIOD. If in the meantime you have taken out shuttles, then please postpone payment until further notice. In case of questions, please ask Arne (treasurer) or any committee member.


Shirts have been ordered with ASL Sport. We will be in touch with members about how to pay for them soon!


Thanks to Lee Glasby, our webmaster, the new website is almost fully functional. Same web address, different look. 50 small photos (click on them to enlarge) of members are now online.

In the near future, the Club will ask you to update your personal details for our database.

Yours sincerely,

BIBC Committee

December News

Please note that the Sports Hall closed from 24th December to 1st January, so we can restart training on Wednesday 4th January.

Shuttles: We have new Yonex AS20 shuttles available for sale at 26 euros per tube. Payment by transfer only to the club account with the message ‘shuttles and -your name-’.

Interclub competition: To sum up the first half of the season, our Men’s 2nd team is doing really well at the top of their league!! Our Ladies’ team and Men’s 1st team is also close to being top. (Both in 2nd place). The Mixed 2nd team is doing reasonably well, 3rd place for the moment. And in last place (but not least) our Mixed 1st team has had a very unlucky first half of the season with many 3-5 defeats! Not to mention some heavy 0-8 defeats with lots of three set matches.

Club shirts: It’s that time again, to order new club shirts. These will be available to ALL members, not just competition players. We are working on finding shirts made from a quality material and at a reasonable price. We’re still debating which model to go for and whether we go with ASL Sport’s JAKO brand shirts, possibly with an ASL logo to get 25% off the price! So we would be looking at around 30 euros per shirt. More information to follow soon. We’ll receive some test shirts to look at in January. Fingers crossed that by the end of January we can place an order.

The BIBC Committee wishes you a very happy Christmas and New Year!!!


Wednesday 19:30 - 22:00 / Thursday 20:00 - 22:00 / Sunday 14:00 - 17:00 / Home Matches start at 14:00 on Sundays

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