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The club is being treated to a 10% DISCOUNT on a group order from ASL SPORT, a shop in Aarschot which offers a good stringing service, many nice clothes and good racquets.

‘Stijn’ restrings your racquet in 20 minutes while you wait, it’s very good.  Follow the link to their website. https://www.racketsportenspel.be/badminton/

The discount is on all their sports: Badminton, Tennis, Table Tennis, Padel etc. The whole shop! (It also applies to items already on promotion).

However, in the clothes section, try to be sure that they have your size, by selecting the drop-down menu with sizes to see which size is actually in stock. Make a note of the name of the item and send me an email, with 'ASL order' as the subject and your name included:


Then I will organise the club order and you pay the club back AFTER we receive the item(s). 

DEADLINE DATE to send me your item names by email: 27th APRIL. (Two weeks from now).



17th April
15th May
 26th May
 5th June


I have been in contact with our (beginner >> intermediate) trainer Volker. And he says he could start another round of trainings in mid-September (if his health permits).


Our teams have all done well this season. Most notable is the performance of Ladies team, achieving promotion. And Mixed 1 did pretty well too. Mixed 2 found themselves in a league that was too tough and will be demoted. Lynn, our Match Secretary, is working hard to ensure the best possible setups for the next season 2022-2023.


We now have FORZA S-6000 shuttles for sale at the very reasonable price of 20euros/tube. Simply talk to a committee member at trainings to request a tube and pay by transfer only, no cash!


This will most likely happen at the end of May or beginning of June.. More information to follow very soon!


January News

Raclette evening

This will be held on 29/01 at 7pm in the club cafeteria with tables of 6, a Covid Safe Ticket or valid -24hour negative PCR test to enter. It should be a great event so don’t miss out! Register your participation with Sarah and pay 19 euros to the club account if you haven’t already.

Adult training

Volker has been unwell, so no adult training yet! I know some members are very interested in continuing with him so I’ll inform you as soon as I know Volker will return.


Our Yonex 30 shuttles have been unavailable for sale for a while now. I have been in contact with Thierry Van Wel, our supplier and chief stringer (vanwelsport.be) and shuttles should arrive this week. I have also asked him if he would like to come down to the club one Wednesday to string rackets and sell his badminton wares.

Interclub teams

The Committee has decided that our teams need a bit of a reshuffle for next season, to make sure all teams have enough available players for matches.


( N.B. ) It has come to my attention that a couple of unspoken club rules should be reminded to all members:

When you have played a set of badminton, you EXIT the court, decide who is playing next, and then return to a court. Everyone should play with everyone. But communication is key.  

All members should come to the court with decent shuttles in hand, feather or even plastic if they prefer to play with plastic. It’s not right that some people give more shuttles than others.

In future we can copy Kraainem Badminton Club if this ‘shuttle inequality’ continues. e.g. Everyone comes to the court with one shuttle for the set, the four shuttles are tested, then one is taken at random from the four.


All the best, and see you on court.
Henry Pincott - Club Secretary



AGM: It is the Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 22nd September! I recommend starting the AGM at 22:15 in the cafeteria. We still have to get that confirmed that it’s okay by the cafeteria owners. The nets and poles should be put away by 21:55 and everyone should be ready to begin the meeting. The agenda for this year’s AGM is attached to this newsletter. The minutes of the 2020 AGM were sent out in the previous newsletter.

A free drink will be offered to all attending members. What happens at the AGM?: There will be a summary of the 2020-2021 season, with a financial overview, a look at membership numbers, competitions etc. After the AGM has taken place, we would kindly ask you to pay your membership fee in a timely fashion. The committee is looking for someone to be in charge of club finances. Cathy has done many years of excellent service to the club and would like to step down so if someone could step up that would be great! Now is the time to think if you would like to join the Committee.

Interclubs: They are starting soon. If you’re signed up for competition, you should have received a Doodle poll by email by now to let the captains know your availabilities. The first match is Saturday 11th September, with our ‘Men’s 1’ team competing away.

Junior training will start on 8th September at the usual time of 19.30-21.00.

Adult training with Volker will restart in October. I have been in contact with him and he’s keen to get started again!

Shuttles are for sale at trainings. You can go for premium quality ones (Yonex 30) or for Yonex League-7, a cheaper training shuttle. Simply ask a committee member or team captain for pricing, and they will assist you. Shuttles are to be paid for by bank transfer to the account on the BIBC website. No cash.



With members from almost 20 countries, we are probably the most international badminton club in the Flemish league. We have five teams in the mixed and level league competitions and regularly send large delegations to play in tournaments. On top of that, we have many keen casual players and an active and varied social life.



Badminton in Wezembeek Oppem

Latest Results

Matches have all been played for the latest season, and results can be viewed on the competition pages.


Wednesday 19:30 - 22:00 .  / .  Thursday 20:00 - 22:00 . / . Sunday 14:00 - 17:00 - Home Matches start at 14:00 on Sundays