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14 Mar 21 11:00 Away BIBC Mixed II V BC Wolvertem 1G
14 Mar 21 20:30 Away BIBC Mixed I V MBC Drop 2G



With members from almost 20 countries, we are probably the most international badminton club in the Flemish league. We have five teams in the mixed and level league competitions and regularly send large delegations to play in tournaments. On top of that, we have many keen casual players and an active and varied social life.



Badminton in Wezembeek Oppem

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Covid-19 Restrictions

Dear Members,

As you may have already heard through the media, there is a growing entanglement in connection with the Covid-19 pandemic.

We are asked to reduce our social contacts to a minimum. In the context of this question, the committee has decided to discontinue the training courses from now on. We know that in principle the Flemish measures will only take effect on Friday 30 October, but in the current circumstances it is no longer appropriate to organize sports activities.

We stop all activities (including youth training) until the situation allows it again.

We are not taking this decision lightly, but it seems to us the only correct decision in the present circumstances.

We will keep you informed of further changes in the situation.

BIBC commitee



Reservation of Courts

Below you will find a link with an online agenda until the end of November where the training is scheduled.

You will see a number on each box, for example 1/8, this means that on that day at that particular time, someone made a reservation, you only need to enter your name, when 8 people are registered at that time this period will be fully booked and the system will refuse you, you will then have to select another period.

This is a test case to

  1. continue playing badminton
  2. to make contact tracing digital.

if you have any comments do not hesitate to contact me. hereby the link: https://www.supersaas.be/schedule/Badminton_wezembeek/sporthall



From tomorrow, Wednesday 14/10/2020...

...the entire sports branch will go in code orange due to the Corona crisis.

This has a major impact on the operation of the club.  The following measures must be observed 

  • Only single play is allowed, this has the consequence that we are only allowed to have 20 people in the sports hall. I will communicate later how we will organize this 
  • Competition will most likely be stopped, we are still waiting for concrete measures from badminton Flanders. 
  • Face masks are of course mandatory, even in the parking lot of the sports hall. You will also be asked to put it back on immediately when you have finished your singles game. 
  • The training of the youth players may continue 
  • We ask you to respect the following timeslots 
    1. Wednesday: youth players from 7.30 pm to 9 pm, 8 adults from 8 pm ,20 adults from 9 pm. 
    2. Thursday: 8 adults from 8 pm 
    3. Sunday 20 adults from 2 pm - 5 pm 
  • We propose to let everyone play as much as possible, to stand on the field for a maximum of 1 hour so that we give the maximum number of members the opportunity to play.

I'll come back to you later concerning the organisation of the timeslots ( for the adults)

Please contact me on sec@brusselsbadminton.com if you have any questions or remarks.


Latest Results

Matches have all been played for the latest season, and results can be viewed on the competition pages.


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