League competition

Our six teams play in the Flemish Liga or in the provincial mixed, men's and ladies' league competition of the Association of Flemish Brabant Badminton Clubs (VVBBC).

The mixed season runs from September to December, followed by the level season running from January - April or early May.

For the results of the current season, please consult the Ladies, Men's and Mixed season pages via the menu.


Regular formal (competitive) and informal (recreational or veterans') tournaments are held throughout the badminton year.

A list of upcoming tournaments is available on the tournaments page. For an overview of individual results in past tournaments, consult our hall of fame.


Each player has a league classification reflecting their strength. Classifications range from D (lowest) to A (highest, international standard).

There are two ways to gain "promotion" into a higher classification: either by doing well in tournaments or by winning enough matches in the league matches.

There is a separate classification for all three disciplines and the rankings are revised four times a year (September, December, March and May). Your ranking depends on the number of points you have in each disciplne. The thresholds for promotion to the respective classifications are:

  • A : 2500
  • B1 : 1075
  • B2 : 600
  • C1 :  350
  • C2 : 120

You get a fixed number of points for every match you play in the league competition and in tournaments - even if you loose. (Of course you get more points if you win...) The exact number of points depends on the league division you play in and, in the case of tournaments, on the number of opponents and the overall ranking (top, standard or basic) of the tournament. And of course on how far you get in the tournament. 

More detailed information here

You can check your current ranking and the number of points you have so far on the website of BadmintonVlaanderen. They also have an overview of the rules underlying the ranking system.

Next Matches

25 Nov 18 13:00 Home BIBC Men's II V KiLL Leuven 2H
25 Nov 18 13:00 Home BIBC Men's I V Dijlevallei 4H
25 Nov 18 15:30 Home BIBC Ladies I V Smashing Boutersem 1D
02 Dec 18 13:00 Home BIBC Mixed II V De Treffers 1G
02 Dec 18 13:00 Home BIBC Mixed I V Tienen 1G
15 Dec 18 8:30 Away BIBC Mixed II V Den Dijk 1G
16 Dec 18 18:30 Away BIBC Mixed I V Drop Merchtem 3G

Latest Results

04 Nov 18 Home BIBC Ladies I 6 V 2 LoB 1D WON
28 Oct 18 Away BIBC Men's II 6 V 2 Blauwput 2H WON
28 Oct 18 Home BIBC Ladies I 5 V 3 Den Dijk 1D WON
21 Oct 18 Home BIBC Mixed I 1 V 7 Dijlevallei 7G LOST
21 Oct 18 Home BIBC Mixed II 4 V 4 Nero's BC 1G DRAW