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Heather & Steve Prize

Awarded once a year to the best performing player in the club

Based on singles results in league matches

Current holders

Bernadette Kunert
Henrik Östberg

Some essential information for captains

This page compiles some of the most important practical information captains may need during the season.

Find all the details below, and links to the most important documents, forms and websites in the boxes.

All that remains for you (the captains, that is) is to select a good team, get the line-up right and win your matches...

Selecting your team

Only players registered with the VBL are allowed to play in a team. Players officially nominated for one of our teams may not play in teams playing in parallel or lower divisions. If in doubt, please contact the match secretary.

Team sheets

Before each match, both teams should exchange team sheets in order to avoid that one team changes its line-up after it has seen the opponent’s formation.

Referees (Wedstrijdleiders)

The club has four referees (or 'wedstrijdleiders') officially recognised by the VBL, who can be consulted whenever you have a question about the rules on how to play a match, fill in a score sheet, what to do in case you need to substitute a player after a match has started, etc. Each referee can act and sign as 'wedstrijdleider' (i.e. an official who oversees a match) if necessary. The club's referees are Ben, Sarah, Gunnar and Lynn.

Team drinks

After a home match, the club buys one drink per person for players of the guest team. Please hand drinks vouchers to the opposition after the match (even if they won!) and collect them again from the bar afterwards.

Changing fixtures

The dates for any fixture should only be changed if absolutely necessary. Changes are only possible with the agreement of both teams and if there is a good and proven reason. The VVBBC does not take kindly to changing the date of a match after the official match calendar has been confirmed and approved by all clubs. Please contact the match secretary immediately when you have to change a match date.


Online versions

  • To be completed within 24 hours of the match by the home team's captain
  • To be validated by the away team's captain
  • Use the club's login on

Please use the badman app to fill in these papers.


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