No badminton in Wezembeek Sports Hall until end of August or beginning of September due to works on the hall. Some BIBC interclub team members are currently renting courts at Mounier Sports Hall, near Kraainem metro. Get in touch with our Club Secretary for more information about these pay-as-you-go training sessions.

Herne BMX Tournament, 8-9 December 2007

  • Rawiwan "Pim" Read and Erica Offreins won the D ladies doubles
  • Luka Rogic and partner came second in the men's doubles (D), Gerald Tyers and André Poitoux reached the semi-final

Herne Veterans Tournament, 1 December 2007

  • Nessan and Simon came second in Men's Doubles V2
  • Cathy and Susanne came second in Ladies' Doubles V2
  • Erica and Pim won Ladies Doubles V3
  • Doede and Erica were second in Mixed Doubles V2

MSM Tournament, 13 October 2007

  • Gunnar Matthiesen and Nessan O'Leary won the C1 men's doubles
  • Cathy Tyers and Susanne Willmott won the C1 ladies' doubles
  • Gunnar Matthiesen and Sarah Bailey won the C1 mixed doubles
  • Cathy Tyers and her partner were runners-up

Le Logis tournament, 22-23 September 2007

  • Gunnar Matthiesen and Sarah Bailey were runners-up in the C1 mixed doubles

Waterloo tournament, 30 June - 1 July

  • Cathy Tyers and Aiden Daly came second in the ladies' doubles (C1)

Dragon Tornament, 23 June 2007

  • Susanne Willmott and Cathy Tyers won the ladies' doubles (C1)
  • Cathy Tyers and her partner won the mixed doubles (C1)

Herne and Daring tournaments, 5-6 May 2007

  • Katrin Patzal and her partner from Herne won the mixed doubles in D
  • Jen McLay and Doede Ackers came second in the C2 mixed
  • Gunnar Matthiesen and his partner came second in his group in the B2 men's doubles, only just missing the finals
  • Sarah Bailey won the C2 singles (thus making her a C1) and reached the semi-finals in the C1 ladies' doubles

Drop Merchtem Veterans' Tournament, 21 April 2007

10 BIBC members went to the Drop Merchtem Veterans' Tournament.

  • Sarah and Cathy won the V2 Ladies' Doubles,
  • Nessan and Cathy were 2nd in the V2 Mixed Doubles
  • Nessan and partner were 2nd in the V2 Mens Doubles
  • Sarah and partner won the V3 Mixed Doubles, narrowly beating Doede and Lone into 2nd place.

Merchtem Tournament

  • Sarah Bailey and Gunnar Matthiesen came second in the C2 mixed doubles.

Tienen Tournament, 3-4 March 2007

  • Erica Offreins and Gunnar Matthiesen reached the mixed doubles (C2) semi finals

Halle Tournament, 18 February 2007

  • Erica Offreins and Jennifer McLay reached the ladies' doubles (C2) semi finals
  • Gerald Tyers and Javid Kahn reached the men's doubles (D) semi finals
  • Jennifer McLay and Javid Kahn reached the mixed doubles (D) semi finals



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