Sport Hall Closures

26 May 22
05 Jun 22

Herne BMX Tournament, 8-9 December 2007

  • Rawiwan "Pim" Read and Erica Offreins won the D ladies doubles
  • Luka Rogic and partner came second in the men's doubles (D), Gerald Tyers and André Poitoux reached the semi-final

Herne Veterans Tournament, 1 December 2007

  • Nessan and Simon came second in Men's Doubles V2
  • Cathy and Susanne came second in Ladies' Doubles V2
  • Erica and Pim won Ladies Doubles V3
  • Doede and Erica were second in Mixed Doubles V2

MSM Tournament, 13 October 2007

  • Gunnar Matthiesen and Nessan O'Leary won the C1 men's doubles
  • Cathy Tyers and Susanne Willmott won the C1 ladies' doubles
  • Gunnar Matthiesen and Sarah Bailey won the C1 mixed doubles
  • Cathy Tyers and her partner were runners-up

Le Logis tournament, 22-23 September 2007

  • Gunnar Matthiesen and Sarah Bailey were runners-up in the C1 mixed doubles

Waterloo tournament, 30 June - 1 July

  • Cathy Tyers and Aiden Daly came second in the ladies' doubles (C1)

Dragon Tornament, 23 June 2007

  • Susanne Willmott and Cathy Tyers won the ladies' doubles (C1)
  • Cathy Tyers and her partner won the mixed doubles (C1)

Herne and Daring tournaments, 5-6 May 2007

  • Katrin Patzal and her partner from Herne won the mixed doubles in D
  • Jen McLay and Doede Ackers came second in the C2 mixed
  • Gunnar Matthiesen and his partner came second in his group in the B2 men's doubles, only just missing the finals
  • Sarah Bailey won the C2 singles (thus making her a C1) and reached the semi-finals in the C1 ladies' doubles

Drop Merchtem Veterans' Tournament, 21 April 2007

10 BIBC members went to the Drop Merchtem Veterans' Tournament.

  • Sarah and Cathy won the V2 Ladies' Doubles,
  • Nessan and Cathy were 2nd in the V2 Mixed Doubles
  • Nessan and partner were 2nd in the V2 Mens Doubles
  • Sarah and partner won the V3 Mixed Doubles, narrowly beating Doede and Lone into 2nd place.

Merchtem Tournament

  • Sarah Bailey and Gunnar Matthiesen came second in the C2 mixed doubles.

Tienen Tournament, 3-4 March 2007

  • Erica Offreins and Gunnar Matthiesen reached the mixed doubles (C2) semi finals

Halle Tournament, 18 February 2007

  • Erica Offreins and Jennifer McLay reached the ladies' doubles (C2) semi finals
  • Gerald Tyers and Javid Kahn reached the men's doubles (D) semi finals
  • Jennifer McLay and Javid Kahn reached the mixed doubles (D) semi finals



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